Houma Live/Al Carter Live Tribute Page
This page honors the four incarnations of Al's local show which started in November 2000 & ran through 2001 twice a week in the afternoon from Southland Mall in Houma, then twice a week in the morning from 2003-2005, then five days a week in the afternoon from Feb.15, 2007-Feb.27, 2009.  In early May 2009, the show returned as a two-hour daily program combined talk & gospel music before ending again on 9/29/2009.
Here's a special edition of Al Carter Live:  The Complete KTIB 54th Anniversary Special 12/21/2007
Part #1      Part #2       Part #3      Part #4      Part #5     Part #6     Part #7      Part #8    Part #9      Part #10
This show also features William Taylor and Lauren Ledet from Terrebonne Parish Library.
Now listen to Al Carter having fun with the KTIB crew at Mardi Gras 2005
Part 1         Part 2          Part 3        Part 4
Click here for some blooper samples of Al & others from KTIB
Click here for all six parts of KTIB's 55th anniversary special with Al & W.Taylor
    Part 1       Part 2       Part 3        Part 4        Part 5       Part 6
Click here for Al plus W.Taylor & Jayson Lee on KTIB's 51st anniversary looking back at some interesting station moments
Click here for the first interview on the very first Houma Live show (November 1, 2000) with Al & Mike Starr, then KTIB co-owner
Click on the microphones below for the final Al Carter Live show from Feb.27, 2009 of its third incarnation with Al, W.Taylor, and Mark Atzenhofer (show re-started in early May 2009).
Part 1          Part 2         Part 3       Part 4        Part 5          Part 6