Closet Sports Soundbites
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This page is dedicated to my radio series which has been featured on WGSO-am 990 in New Orleans since 2004 and KTIB-am 640 in Thibodaux from 2003-04.  Enjoy!
Archive Audio Answer Find Quiz 1
Hodgepodge of Voices
Tribute to Ernie Ladd
1983 USFL PHI at BOS
Immaculate Deflection
Tribute to Chris Schenkel
1991 Night vs Dallas (Arena)
Hank Aaron's 715th HR
Tribute to Eddie Robinson
Tribute to Daryl Stingley
Joe Dimaggio's 56 game hitting
streak ends (1941)
Tribute to Jackie Robinson
Tribute to Barra Birrcher
Saints Entertainment Director
Archive Audio Answer Find 2
Saints voices
Tribute to N.O.'s  Jay Richards
& his "Sports Diary" series
Pistol Pete Maravich's 68-pt. game
Feb.25, 1977 Jazz vs Knicks
Tribute to Mel Leavitt, N.O.
Broadcaster & Sports Host
Tribute to Hank Stram
Saints Hall of Fame Game
Tribute to Bill Walsh
6/23/71 Rick Wise's no-hit
game & 2HRs in same game
Look at Mickey Mantle's baseball beginning and end
Saints history with tropical
1998 PIFL LA Bayou Beast wins title, Buford Jordan Head Coach
12/14/80 Saints only win that
season at the N.Y. Jets
1970 Archie Manning with H.H. Broun on the Heisman race
Look back at XFL (2001), Vince McMahon's attempt at football
1988 Earthquake game LSU vs Auburn--Hodson to Fuller
1967 Saints Training Camp with Wayne Mack & Jim Taylor
1991 Seahawks at Saints
Hebert returns/late win
1959 Ole Miss at LSU
Halloween Run/B.Cannon
2002 Saints at Redskins, Michael Lewis PR & KR for TDs
Remembering Dick Nolan
ex-Saints head coach '78-80
1967 Saints Camp:  W.Mack with Mecom/Rose/Stoney/Whitsell
1958 NFL Championship
Colts at Giants/First OT
NFL Championship History
NFL Championship History
NFL Championship History
NFL Championship History
NFL Championship History
NFL Championship History
1964-65/AFL 1960-61
AFL Championship History
1979 Daytona 500 HL
"Greatest NASCAR Race"
World Football League 1974-75
Brief History
Remembering Odell Lawson
Saints fullback/ST 1973-74
Remembering Tony Elliott
Saints def.tackle 1982-88
Monday Night Football Debut
9/21/1970 Jets at Browns
Remembering Larry Smith
Tulane football coach 76-79
Abbott and Costello's Who's
On First Routine
Mid-South Wrestling 1981
Boyd Pierce, B.Watts, S.Akbar
Tribute to Craig "Ironhead"
Superbowl 7 Garo Yepremian
botched pass, Mike Bass INT/TD