Closet Sports Soundbites Page 2
Superbowl 13 Jackie Smith
dropped pass
1979 Tony Galbreath super
catch, Saints vs Raiders MNF
Remembering Frank Warren
Saints HOF Def.End
Richards' Sports Diary on
Strange Auto Race Spectator
1983 USFL Semi-Final Blitz at
Stars, USFL greatest comeback
9/17/1967 Gilliam opening
runback, Saints vs Rams
Brent Musburger commentary
on NFL teams-moving threat '84
USFL's first press conf. &
1983 Championship HLs
Remembering Charlton
Heston: "Number One" '69
Richards' Sports Diary on
1000 mile Dog Sled Journey
1984 USFL Michigan at
N.O.:  Buford Jordan TD
10/28/79 NO over WAS,  1st time sole first place of NFC west
11/12/78 ATL at NO, Big
Ben game behind the story
Interesting notes & facts about Jim Finks, Saints G.M.1986-93
Audio Archive Answer Find
featuring one-time Saints
3/25/1984 USFL Blitz at Breakers:  OT Win for N.O.
10/2/1977 Saints at CHI
N.O. wins with 2 Def. TDs
Jim Mora quotes part one
10/31/1999 Browns over
Saints Big Ben "mystery"
Jim Mora quotes part two
Shot Heard 'Round The
World, '51 Thompson HR
The life of Evel Knievel
Jim Finks Jr. speaking for his father at Canton HOF 1995
Richards' Sport Diary
Strange Prize Fights
1988 Preakness Stakes
Risen Star of N.O. wins
Audio Archive Answer Find
Mystery Voices #2
1988 Kentucky Derby
Risen Star of N.O. 3rd place
1988 Belmont Stakes
Risen Star of N.O. wins
This Week in Baseball Music
Introduction & Closing
Who is Vinko Bogotej?
Jim McKay Tribute
Part Two ABC Sports
Jim McKay Tribute
Part One ABC Sports
Bill Flemming Tribute
ABC Sportscaster
Jim McKay Tribute
Part Three ABC Sports