KTIB/KHOM Commercials:  These are ads (some include outtakes as well).  Mixed in are some news interviews & updates with other short soundbites.   (Warning, audio levels do vary.)
Classic KTIB 1970s Liners including Merry
Christmas wishes & "Thibodaux Weather"
KHOM Liners & commercials
from 1995 as "Mix 104.1"
Classic commercials plus part one:  '90s Emile's Furniture (two), '95 Buquet Dist. Mardi Gras, '90s Ground Pati (D.Buras, B.Lee, B.Dutrey), '95 T.G.M.C., '95 Rouse's Mardi Gras, '95 Southland Mall Mardi Gras, Clyde's Jeweler's (two) w/Gary Naquin & Marie Bergeron, '95 News with Lynn Pitts interviewing Andy Valence, '95 Thibodaux Chrysler w/Marie, '94 Greg Leblanc, '95 Hideaway Ponds, '92 Rouse's (two)
Classic commercials plus part two:  '95 Rouse's; '95 Thibodaux Chrysler w/Marie, '96 Brown's Furniture, '81 Acadian Bank (two), '76 Old Milwaukee Beer/National B.W.Thibodaux (two), 6/12/78 Federal Land Bank 5-min.spot "Did You Know"
Classic commercials plus part three:  '70s National Weather Service Tropical Update & forecast, '78 Autohome Buick (three), '82 Lowe's comm. music, '79 Louis Lambert for Governor w/Edwin Edward's mother, '80s Bonnie's Fashion Center (two), '80s Johnny's Men's Shop (two), '78 Daily Ag Report, '97 Saadi's Haberdashery, '97 Rouse's (upbeat), '96 Lee Edwards photo, '95 Michael Martin Campaign, '90s Progressive Bank, Oct.'94 A&G Refrigeration, Jan.'95 Insurance Connection (two with flubs), '78 State Farm Thibodaux (six), '95 Bishop Jarrell/Archdiocese, '90s Ric Santos liners (national DJ), '90s Brad Pierce liners (national DJ)
Classic commercials plus part four:  '95 Argent Bank comm.(w/flubs), '95 Warren Harang for mayor comm.(four), '92 LA Lottery, '95 Foster Governor comm., '94 Saadi's Haberdashery jingle, '97 Southern Coffee (two), Early '90s news intros ann. Joe Tobias (national DJ), Mid '90s T.R.M.C., '99 Charter Comm., '80s A&G Refrigeration, early '90s A&H Paint, '93 U.S. Savings Bonds, '94 Savoie's LA Cooking, '94 J.Thomas Hassel & Co.
Classic commercials plus part five:  '93 Vince & Larry crash dummies, '93 Dottie/Dig, '92 Jim Mora's Journal with Dave Garrett (vs MIA), Art Root's "This Old Bayou" song, '90s Levi's comm., late '90s Cajun Comedy promo w/Uncle Noone & Roy Vicknair, late '90s Eric & Donna Duplantis "Clotilde's Bead" Mardi Gras song, 9/25/97 Darin Fontz interviewing Dudley Leblanc Jr. & Joe Waitz Jr. (Terrebonne asst. D.A. & D.A.) after Chad Louviere trial
Classic commercials plus part six:  May 2004 End Underage Drinking Campaign with kids from LCO Middle School--St.Joseph Elementary--Larose C.C. Pos.Act.Prog.--Sacred Heart,
2001 FIRST INTERVIEW ON HOUMA LIVE with Al Carter & Mike Starr, early '90s local news update with Ed Borne
1978 Nicholls State football updates with Jimmy Cole (both KTIB & KHOM):  9/6/78 Sports on Rusty Rebowe, James Berry (RB), Steve Sills (DE); 10/5/78 look at Gulf South Conf.; 10/6/78 with K.Davis & M.Clark; 10/7/78 with A.Reeves
1/31/79 Rick Luquette interviews country performer Lee Farrell & Farrell promo afterwards
The famous Saadi's Haberdashery jingle with Jim Saadi on vocals (a true KTIB/KHOM classic)
Classic commercials part seven:  All from 2001; Nutcracker Ballet promo at Terrebonne Civic Center (Rainie Blanchard); A & G Refrigeration (outtakes included w/David Saltzman); Cypress Columns (Rainie plus another voice's outtakes); Barbera Chevrolet (Lou Bega parody); Pelican Palace Casino/Truck Stop
December 2001 Sample of Trooper Talk with Rainie Blanchard, plus Troopers Matt Trahan and Desi Mitchell
May 2001 Dialogue with Gene Richard plus members of Houma/Thibodaux Diocese on their 25th anniversary celebration (part one)
May 2001 Dialogue with Gene Richard plus members of Houma/Thibodaux Diocese on their 25th anniversary celebration (part two including a confession joke)
A True KTIB Classic:  Leroy Martin's "Firemen's Fair Theme Song" with Ted Hoffman's Dixieland Band followed by the Cajun version with Vin Bruce and The Acadians
Pre-game & post-game highlights from Darin Fontz's first KTIB/NSU basketball game from November 1989 with Steve Caldarera
KTIB returns:  Below are buttons to Part 1-4 of KTIB's return to doing in-studio talk shows; February 15, 2007 (edited/tech.prob.)