Saints History Documentary (Radio)
Produced in January 2010 (before Saints playoffs started).  Covers 1960-66 (when N.O. tried to get a team), then 1967-2009 regular season, plus historical info back to 1938!
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Click here for our 2012 Week 4 edition of Saints History Hiccup an audio game show on Saints history (called Hiccup because it's brief & only stops your day a bit like a hiccup does):
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Saints Hall of Honor
The following are list of one-time Saints players who the actual football organization has honored with pictures hanging in the hallways of their facility at 5800 Airline Drive:
Danny Abramowicz WR 1967-73
Morten Andersen K 1982-94
Stan Brock T 1980-92
Jim Dombrowski T/G 1986-96
Mark Fields LB 1995-2000
Jim Finks General Manager 1986-93
Hokie Gajan FB 1982-1985 (injured '81 & 86)
Bobby Hebert QB 1985-89, 91-92 (90 held out)
Dalton Hilliard RB 1986-93
Rickey Jackson LB 1981-93
Vaughan Johnson LB 1986-93
Archie Manning QB 1971-82
Eric Martin WR 1985-93
Wayne Martin DE/DT 1989-99
Sam Mills LB 1986-94
Derland Moore DT 1973-85
Jim Mora Head Coach 1986-96
Chuck Muncie RB 1976-80
Tommy Myers S 1972-81
William Roaf  T 1993-2001
George Rogers RB 1981-84
Pat Swilling LB 1986-92
Frank Warren DE 1981-89, 91-94 (90 suspended)